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Hospitality industries concept project: Single core eco-system for ‘Smart Hotels’ by unifying all the core requirements of ‘guest experience’, ‘market presence’ and ‘hotel operations’ into one single Data Driven Solution called Core-X. Improvising best in class technology and strategic model innovation in hotel sector.

Core X Redefining industry dynamics

Project Info

The Smart hotel initiative was developed in view of the current aspect of the hospitality industry, and everything that could be done for the acceleration of the sector. We understand the needs of the industry according to the analysis we made across various levels in hotel management. It is a completely integrated platform that enables hotels to transform their business dynamics by upgrading their overall operations to smart processes. We redefine the industry dynamics of hotels through the three main domains of :

1. Raising the Brand Value of the hotel in the market.
2. Enhancing Guest Experience,
3. Organizing hotel Management Operations,


The specificity of our competence lies in employing the technologies of Industry 4.0 like AI, Cyberphysical Systems, Big Data Analysis, etc. into behavioural aspects of life. We are backed by expertise in understanding human interactions and user experience by employment of data driven models. Thanks to the dedicated and extremely proficient team, Parallel Connect is capable of drafting innovative operational strategies and managerial affairs. Our solutions addresses the hospitality Industries core problems and pain points in general.

Core-X as a product and solution, was executed 6-7 months back in 2019, with the renewed operational initiation of Alka Hotel in Nainital. The ambitious initiative began as a beta project at Alka Hotel, and thus continues to explore and assess the technological implementation, in and around various other premium hotels across the country.

Core-X voice interaction modules have also been installed in about 4 hotels across Europe, crucially expanding the business outreach of the company. Importantly, Parallel Connect does not aim to build a scalable business in terms of number of customers like a SAAS model, rather intends to lead industry through innovation and sustainability.

Project details

The standards of our workforce and solution are defined by the three ideals of Disruptive Technology, Strategic Model Innovation,and Value Chain based on Social Landscape. We believe in cross pollinating these three aspects with important pillars of hospitality to pave pathway for upcoming agile industry.

Raising the Brand Value of the hotel in the market.

The market value of the hotel is enhanced through our smart and strategic branding with solutions tailored to industry specific needs. The competitive landscape and ecosystem in which the hotel exists, define the benchmark of hotel USP; we address the online and offline aspects for the same. Solutions include cinematography of the rooms, cultural values of the ecosystem. and the hotel itself. All physical branding material ranging from brochures, standies, in-room branding, etc. to online aspects like redesigning the website, optimizing the online presence over the search engine(SEO), optimizing the social media presence (SMO), as a whole improves the brand value of the hotel in the market.

Enhancing Guest Experience,

Technologies of the IoT have made possible the concept of "customized guest experience" by controlling all electronic devices over voice or mobile app based commands. Customer specific scene setting through device scheduling (colour and intensity of lights, temp. of AC, speed of fans, etc) is made possible at the touch of a finger. Further, every activity between check-in and check-out, every aspect of hospitality ranging from room service, to ordering food or scheduling housekeeping, contacting the front desk, or making payments, are addressed by our integrated mobile application. One can also explore the nearby landmarks through the application.

Organizing hotel Management Operations,

Managing business has become easier and efficient through the smart HMS (Hotel Management System) and employee app, exclusively designed by Parallel Connect, that enables hotels to keep track of daily management activities. Use of big data analysis to track employee performance over a specific time, allows for maintaining a hospitality standard across the hotel. The analysis of the data gathered by the HMS gives an extensive insight into every aspect of management including smart inventory, customer profiling that enables the maintenance of a strong customer relationship and tracking of activity flow throughout all levels of the operational architecture.

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